Kinor 35H Magazine Threading

This is a how-to on threading film through the Kinor 35H film chamber. The Kinor 35H is a Soviet-made 35mm Motion Picture camera.

1) Open the Kinor 35H throat cover.

2) Remove the cover on the Kinor 35H.

3) Attach the magazine to the Kinor 35H.

4) Feed film loop into throat.

5) Close and lock the magazine to the Kinor 35H.

6) Open the door on your Kinor 35H.

7) This is the inside of the film chamber of your Kinor 35H.

8) Release the top and bottom keepers shown here.

9) Open this front keeper.

10) Switching to white leader film to show the film path (aids in the instructions better than a darker negative).

11) Align the pulldown claw with the white mark.

12) Pull back the registration pin.

13) Thread the film in the Kinor 35H like this (note the loop size). Close the keepers.

14) Turn inching knob to engage the claw with perforations. Adjust the film until it lines up with the pulldown claw.

15) Close this keeper.

16) Make sure film is across this switch.
Now put the door back on your Kinor 35H and go shoot some film...