Kinor 35H Magazine Loading

This is a how-to on loading film into a film magazine for the Kinor 35H, a Soviet-made 35mm Motion Picture camera.

1) Open the Kinor 35H Magazine.

2) Set the switch to "emulsion in".

3) Place film on feed spindle.

4) Turn the lock clockwise.

5) Feed the film's tongue here.

6) And the film will come out here.

7) flip over and insert the film here.

8) And the film comes out here.

9) Slide the film tongue into the slot and close the lever.

10) The loaded Kinor 35H Magazine should look like this when you are finished. Now turn the takeup spindle (clock-wise) a few times to take up all the slack. You may also want to overlap the film to ensure the film holds itself to the spindle.

11) Now learn to load the Kinor 35H magazine in the dark!