How-To Clean Your 1KCP-7M Motion Picture Camera


The camera should be kept scrupulously clean to avoid scratches on the film, photographing dirt or hair, and wear. Changing bags, cases, etc. or any other object that comes in regular contact with the camera should be thoroughly vacuumed.

To clean the camera body and the interior of mags, use a white china bristle paint brush, and a vacuum when available. The white bristles will, when they fall from the brush, be easier to see than dark ones. Follow with a light burst of canned air. Be careful not to blow dirt into the lens ports or gate cavity.

After several 400' rolls of film have been run, you may find that emulsion has burnished itself onto the aperture plate in the camera and is difficult to remove. Due to the easy access of the gate in the 1KCP-7M, you may remove this by scratching it off with a fingernail, orangewood stick, or any soft object, but do not use any glass or metal object as this may scratch the highly polished surface of the gate and permanently damage the camera. Follow up with a polish using a soft cloth or lens tissue.