How-To Use The Konvas Matte-Box


The matte box secures to the base of the camera with a captured 3/8-16 screw. Since the standard mounting threads of the camera are used, a second 3/8-16 mount is provided in the base of the matte box mount for tripod mounting. Two lens shrouds, known to many as "donuts", are provided to prevent kickback, one for the 50 and 75 lenses, and one for the 28 and 35 lenses.

The rear of the matte box may be brought to the lens by loosening the lock knob at the base of the rear bracket. The front of the matte box is moved by sliding the angled brackets in the matte box rails. Inside the left rail is an unusual yet effective cam affair that allows the matte box to be locked at specific lengths for the lenses accompanying the camera. Push the cam on the inside of the left rail in, when it appears the in the slots on the rail, to move the front of the matte box.