Konvas 35mm - Who made this motion picture camera?

Konvas 2M
The original Konvas 35mm cameras, often called the Konvas 1, apparently had two different Soviet manufacturers: the KMZ and the MosKINAP manufacturing facilities. These two 35mm konvas cameras were not completely compatible with each other though, as the KMZ version of the 35mm konvas used a top-latch style magazine and the MosKINAP version of the 35mm konvas used a side-latch magazine.

The maker of all of the later models of the Konvas Motion Picture Cameras (the Konvas 1M & 7M, and the Konvas 2m & 8M) would be the MosKINAP facility (which is an abbreviation for Moskovskiy Zavod Kinoapparaturiy) out of Moscow. Translated to English, the name means Moscow Factory of Cine Apparatus. As KMZ moved on to work on other things, the MosKINAP facility eventually took over all manufacturing of the 35mm Konvas and produced them through the fall of the Soviet Union.

Supposedly, the name Konvas comes from the first three letters of the first and last name of the camera's designer, Konstantin Vasiliev. Although there is no reason to doubt this claim, it remains, as far as this Konvas 35mm FAQ is concerned, unconfirmed.