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I'm about   ]--[  < this close to making the statement that JJ will be
remembered as the great *non*-innovator.

While I really like this film, it has very few story innovations. There are
a couple, but the more you discuss things the more it all comes down to
splitting hairs over minor differences in my opinion. The scene on the
catwalk near the end is just another Obi Wan 'New Hope' martyrdom, how EASY
*is* it to blow up a death star anyway, how many offspring of this or that
person get turned to the dark side, how many times do we follow an escapee
from a star destroyer onto the face of a dune planet, how many times do we
witness the Empire leveling a small encampment of simple folk thus steeling
the will of our protagonist to fight evil... "Your father wanted you to
have this, when you were old enough..." "Let's hide under the floor of the
Falcon to evade detection..." "Don't get cocky, kid..." Chewey and Han back
in the detention cell block disabling the tractor beam... uh, I mean
shields... uh wait... yeah, shields... British-accent, English-speaking
Nazis... It's all in there including a greedy, tacked-on ending that should
have been left for the sequel. I would have been much more satisfied with a
proper funeral and send-off for fallen heroes, which would have been
poignant, appropriate and kinda innovative for the franchise (except that
Vader has a proper sendoff at the end of Jedi).

The galaxy is a small place, indeed, and it's seems pre-programmed to
follow a certain set of choo-choo tracks. JJ and Kasden did a good job of
putting together a bunch of tropes, leitmotifs and building blocks from the
previous 6 to make 7 fit in. As much as I HATE to admit it, the story from
Phantom Menace, a film I can barely stand, is more *innovative* than The
Force Awakens. 7 does play out as a collage of plot points from the
previous 6 films. But is this a bad thing? Matter of opinion, really.

I'm not saying I don't like JJ for it all; indeed, I'm glad he didn't turn
7 into a Star-Trek meets Fast-and-Furious train wreck. Thanks for shooting
film too, dude. I'm also satisfied with the visual styling of the movie,
which does seem to be an innovation in the franchise. I like the use of
chiaroscuro; the opening shots of the troopers in drop ships is choice. I'm
not annoyed as much as I thought I would be with the camera shake. The lens
flares.... sththththth... JJ, come on buddy, give it up. But there is a
certain conservatism in his approach that reminds me of Lucas and this is
enough to say, "OK, it's Star Wars... same universe, same story line if a
little crowded and a path oft traveled."

I wouldn't look at it much closer than this unless you're on the hunt for
film-maker blood; and there are a couple of innovations like I said. The
Finn character does undergo a feasible arc of development which is nice to
see. It's nice to see the 4 original-cast members worked in, and an
extended arc of development for Solo/Leah. It's nice to see the aftermath
of the galactic scale world war. It's nice to see a fall-back to an earlier
recognition of mysticism within the force rather than a blood type. It's
nice to see the 'man in black' in a viable, dialog-driven power struggle
with the top military commander that seesaws back and forth at the edge of
posturing and goal attainment.

A good film, and he didn't totally mess it up, for which I am pleased.
My .02

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> I thought that we were discussing Star Wars so how on earth did "Godwins
> Law" creep in.???
> Film making has always been an International affair. A production crew is
> made up of many nationalities from the four corners of the world and has to
> be a joint effort for it to work. It is a family of multi talented
> individuals who are brought together for a common cause, that is to create
> art.  Being a professional means just that, country of birth never comes
> into it. Sharing skills is all that matters.
> Rita
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> > Happy soon new year for all !
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> > 2015-12-18 18:46 GMT-05:00 Zefred <zefred at popstar.com>:
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> >> Nice ! Calling names already !
> >> I can smell the Goodwin point coming...
> >> Maybe Mustafa should learn politeness before insulting others in public
> ?
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> >> On Dec 18, 2015 3:32 PM, Mustafa Umut Sarac <mustafaumutsarac at gmail.com
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> >>> zafred , you are an idiot. Thats all.
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> >>>> On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 7:44 PM, zefred <zefred at popstar.com> wrote:
> >>>>
> >>>> Not exactly, he said "DEJA VUE - The same story with a new staff ! a
> >>>> remake like noting new in it", which to me is info on the plot.
> >>>>
> >>>> And yes, for some people , it is almost like a religion :)
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> >>>>>> On Dec 18, 2015, at 12:36 PM, Andrew Overtoom wrote:
> >>>>>> All he said was that it is lame.  I don't see how that's a spoiler.
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> >>>>> Agreed - But it's a touchy subject, as it's practically a religion to
> >>>> some folks. :)
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