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Adam Frey thefirstrule at chainsawlinux.com
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On Aug 3, 2015, at 4:32 AM, Speedbird at acousticturtle.plus.com wrote:
> Sorry to admit that all my Kinors have now been sold off. Well given away for peanuts to budding Speilbergs!!!  It's a shame as I loved them so only have Russian still cameras now.  Rita

I didn't know you sold off all your Kinors! As I recall, you had quite a few of them too. I still have some 16mm stuff laying around, as well as Super8 stuff here (and a 35mm camera or two), but since we opened the brewery, I haven't even had time to shoot stills. 

I guess one could say I've joined the ranks of the "iPhone" filmmakers at this point. 

Looks like I'm going to put my 16mm & 35mm items up on Craiglist, but I'll throw it out here first, just in case someone is interested:

Selling my 16mm Eclair NPR. Haven't ran film thru it in years, so I do not know what condition it is in. Last time I hooked the battery up and pulled the trigger on it, it ran. Not sure of the sync (I have no way of testing sync), but it was a swiss made Perfectone Compact Crystal Sync Motor. An Angenieux 12-120mm lens, a Canon C-mount 15-150mm 1:2,8 zoom, and 3x film backs. I honestly do not know the condition of this camera anymore, so selling as is. Make me an offer, but please hit me up off-list!

I also have quite a few tripods of differing sizes (some are extremely heavy duty), like Hercules, Samson, Gitza, etc. I'd be very willing to let go too...

This is an older pic of the Eclair, but I can send new pics if anyone is interested.

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