[Konvas] here a nice Konvas for sell

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Mon Aug 3 04:32:47 EDT 2015

This is certainly a good deal and much cheaper that even a super 16 rig.   Konvas is a great camera and Lomo's are even better but still does not appeal to the budget movie maker. Young movie makers like to look "cool" when shooting a film so a modern HD camera trailing lots of cables and wires is more attractive to them plus of course instant feedback so they can quickly learn on the job and rectify mistakes as they happen. Image perfection does not seem to take priority these days as they now rely on post production to beef up the  images.

Sorry to admit that all my Kinors have now been sold off. Well given away for peanuts to budding Speilbergs!!!  It's a shame as I loved them so only have Russian still cameras now.

The world moves on with or without you so enjoy the ride while you can.


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> On 3 Aug 2015, at 02:41, Pierre Samuel Rioux <psrioux at gmail.com> wrote:
> In USA
> this it's a big advantage all ready in America
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Konvas-35mm-Motion-Picture-Film-Production-Package-The-only-Complete-on-Ebay-/221842233398?hash=item33a6d3d836
> Like this it's less of 20 pounds.
> Some one some where will do one say a master peice with those camera.
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