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Subject: Re: [Konvas] Re: Kinor 35
Date Posted: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 00:34:52 +0300
From: "Anders Banke"
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> 2 perf Konvas??? Do you convert them and if so, how much?

I do, for my own use as I need small 2-perf MOS cameras for this particular
shoot, and virtually all my lenses are OCT-19. The current conversion is too
expensive to offer to "outsiders" (it would cost 2-3 times more than the
average Konvas kit, so there's no real market for it); we're working on a
simplified (conversion work-wise) version that is currently in a prototype
stage - if we can get the image stable enough and the price in accordance
with the current market I will offer such a service, but no earlier than
spring next year. I will keep the forum posted.

> Does anyone know of labs here in the US that will work with Techniscope

Any lab can develop 2-perf film, of course, but few offer a blow-up from
2-perf to 4-perf anamorphic release prints. However, if you're going for a
Digital Intermediate post production route, ANY lab that has a Spirit or
similar modern 2K telecine machine can do 2-perf - they just might not have
done it before. If they do 3-perf, they can do 2-perf (digitally, that is).