Kinor 35, 35mm Motion Picture Cameras (Sat, 27 Nov 2004 16:51:31 EST)

Subject: Re: [Konvas] Re: Kinor 35
Date Posted: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 16:51:31 EST
From: PeterH5322 at
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>The alternative to having to oil the rear bearing regularly is to have it
>replaced with a self-lubricating modern silenced ball bearing (or needle
>roller bearing), which would mean you would never have to think about this
>bearing at all, but you run a risk of the camera becoming ever so slightly
>more noisy after such a conversion. This bearing replacement does not
>necessarily have to cost several thousand dollars, but more along the
>lines of a few hundred dollars.

A reasonably simple machining job.

Although not mandated by the relatively low load, much tighter tolerances
and, consequently, lower noise, could be achieved by specifying a
super-precision bearing, say, an ABEC 7 or 9.

But, a "plain" bearing will likely be quieter than a "frictionless"

An ABEC 7 or 9 ball bearing will outlast the Kinor 35H itself by at least
two centuries.