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Subject: [Konvas] RE: anyone seen this?
Date Posted: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 21:15:12 +0000 (GMT)
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Adam. I agree with most of the other replys. Kodachrome will give you a really sharp look, but you will need a lot of light indoors.

Also, the Elmo 1012sxl cameras are really good. I own two of them. They are pretty quiet, you will need to wrap them up indoors.

I shot a feature film on Super 8 back in 94. I made the mistake of using Ektachrome, which is what you want to use if you want the "Super 8mm" look.

I don't think I would shoot Super 8mm again because every time I price it out, it comes close to 16mm. And since I own a CP16R, it doesn't make sense t o shoot in Super 8.

When are you planning on making this movie and are you doing it all at once?

I just quit my job to write a screenplay so I have plenty of free time on my hands. I was thinking about getting my camera converted to Super 16mm, ema il me, maybe I can operate my camera for your next film. I am however, not a DP. Plus, right now I just have an Illumina 16mm superspeed so you would have t o rent lenses, unless I snag a couple more primes in the future.


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Author wrote:
> Doing a little research for a film we'll be making in the spring and
> found this:
> Seems like the cameras are new...
> We've been throwing the idea of Super8mm around - I'm not too worried
> about a blowup to 35mm or anything (at least at this point), but a I am
> worried about transferring to video. Has anyone on the group done
> anything extensive with Super8? Are there any decent/quiet russian
> super8 cameras besides the Kinoflex?
> As I stated before, I'm investigating - weighing my options. I'd rather
> shoot with a cheaper film than video - and I plan on shooting at least
> two feature films in 2005 (I'm hoping at least one with 35/16mm), so
> how does Super8 compare to the higher end videos?
> I've shot with both 16mm and 35mm, but I've never shot 8mm...
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