Motion Picture Camera Services & Accessories

35mm Kinor 5000
The Aranda Group of Motion Picture Companies' Kinor 5000 modification
These are the Konvas and Kinor Motion Picture Camera Service Specialists and Camera Accessory Craftsmen that many of the discussion list members use to service their own cameras and lenses:

In North America:

British Columbia, Canada - Steve's Cine Service Ltd.
Motion Picture Camera Repairs

Arizona, USA - Willy's Widgets
Custom Products & Machining for the Film and Video Industry.

California, USA - Custom Upholstery Products
Lee Gaither (cupcamera at manufactures custom weather protectors and sound barneys for most 16mm and 35mm cameras, including the Konvas 2M and the Starcam 35 (a modified 9KCH).

California, USA - Duclos Lenses
Professional repairs for many popular motion picture lenses (damaged elements replaced, lenses refurbished, light cleaning, or complete overhaul)

California, USA - Filmtools
Grip, electrical, lighting, sound, video and film supplies.

California, USA - Slow Motion
Specializes in repairs of any brand of MoPic cameras, camera supports, and lenses

California, USA - Visual Instrumentation Corporation
High Speed Video and Film Cameras for Motion Analysis Applications

Colorado, USA - Focal Point
Professional Lens Repair and Maintenance.

Florida, USA - Ultra Camera Mounts
Specializes in camera mounts designed for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and more

Maine, USA - Bernie O'Doherty
Pleased to offer the best in motion picture equipment service, maintenance and repair.

New Jersey, USA -
Camera repairs on Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Leica, and other camera manufacturer brands. Lens repairs include refocusing and the cleaning of all optics.

New Jersey, USA - Long Valley Equipment
Bringing new levels of production value to every film and video project - regardless of budget.

Washington, USA - Tobin Cinema Systems
Film-Video Transfer (Telecine) Equipment Specialist.

In Australia:

Melbourne - Cine Camera Mods
Cine Camera Modifications for your 35mm cine cameras

Victoria - The Aranda Group of Motion Picture Companies
Motion Picture camera conversions, equipment design and manufacture, Rotavision 5000 speed motor system for 35mm cameras

In Europe:

Belarus - Rafael Pankratau
Arri PL mount installation and installation of geared rings

Russia - RuGift
Russian Cameras, Lenses and other Optics

Russia - Viktor Nossov
PL and BNCR adapters for many Soviet made Motion Picture lenses

Sweden - Solid Entertainment
Modifications for the Konvas and Kinor line of Motion Picture Cameras

Ukraine - Olex Kalynychenko
Service and repair lab of cine cameras and lenses

United Kingdom - Alex Georgiou
Camera Conversions, Designer/Engineer in Cinematographic Equipment to the film industry

United Kingdom - Les Bosher
Specializes in Lens & Camera Conversions, Lens Mounts & Adapters

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