Who supplied the Konvas and Kinor Pictures for Konvas.org?

Kinor 35H
Kinor 35H
Konvas.org would like to thank all of those that supplied pictures to the Konvas.org website and archives. The following people donated pictures of their Konvas and Kinor rigs, as well as other great pictures of various film cameras and equipment:

  • Bruce Taylor (35mm Konvas 2M, 35mm Kinor 35H)
  • Ian Dudley (35mm Kinor 35H)
  • Pierre Samuel Rioux (35mm Konvas 2M, Morse Processing Tank)
  • Rafael Pankratau (Various Pictures)
  • Patrick Steele (Various Pictures)
  • Viktor Nikityuk
  • Olexandr Kalynychenko
  • Steve Morton
  • Sean McVeigh (35mm Konvas 2M, 35mm Kinor 35H)
  • Adam Frey (35mm Konvas 1M, 35mm Konvas 1, 16mm Krasnogorsk K3)
  • Ole Dost (16mm Kinor 16P)
  • Bruce McNaughton - The Aranda Group of Motion Picture Companies (35mm Konvas 2M, 35mm Kinor 5000)
  • Sean Morris (35mm Kinor 5000)
  • Brad Leong (Sound Barney for Konvas 2M)

Thanks everyone!