The RED Camera and LOMO Lenses

Red Cine and Lomo Lenses
Red Digital Cinema and Lomo Lenses
Red Cine and Lomo
Lomo Lenses and Red Digital Cinema
If you've been involved in the motion picture industry, you've most likely heard of the new RED Digital Cinema Camera. And if you are wondering, the answer is yes - the RED ONE can use LOMO lenses!

Both Douglas Underdahl of Long Valley Equipment and Rafael Pankratau of RafCamera say they are either working on or have created some form of OCT-19 to Red mount adapters or conversions. There are several other companies that are working on the OCT19 to RED camera mount as well.

Many people have done tests or "shootouts" comparing the LOMO to other lenses with the RED camera, including Zeiss, Cooke, and even RED's own lenses. Of course, the winner of every shootout is subjective to the eye of the beholder, and relies on personal preference and taste in lenses...

Lael Camak used his LOMO prime lenses and a RED ONE to shoot "Sounds Of Poetry" (Directed By Henderson Maddox):