How reliable is a Konvas or Kinor 35mm Camera?

Kinor 35H with 1000 ft magazine
Ian Dudley's Kinor 35H
A properly serviced Konvas or Kinor is fairly reliable for doing most independent film work, commercials, and plenty of other things. To attest to their reliability, there have been many feature films and documentaries shot with them, as well as tons of commercials, short films, and demo reels. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Since the Konvas and Kinor cameras are both far less expensive than a new fully loaded Arri 435, you can even afford to have a spare on set as a backup to use for an instant replacement just in case of problems (think Murphy's Law - and dropped cameras can happen). Or you can use the second camera as your B camera, for shots where cameras need to run side by side. The low-cost factor of these cameras makes the possibilities endless.

Konvas 2M with 200 ft magazine
Bruce Taylor's Konvas 2M
Of course, if your budget is over $5 million and you're spending over $3000 per hour on the cast and crew alone, then maybe you had better think about renting from Panavision®, and giving the Konvas or Kinor to the 2nd camera unit...