Is there an English manual for my Russian made camera?

Kinor with Lomo Zoom Lens
Kinor with Lomo Zoom Lens
Earon Kavanagh forwarded this copy of the Kinor 16CX - 2M manual (originally sent to Earon from Florent Ruch) to

Also, Rafael Pankratau sells several manuals that have been translated to English on, including the Kinor 35H and Konvas, among others. If you need a translated manual, he may have it.
Update: As of October, 2008, Raf and Terry Byrne have translated the ramp-able 35mm Temp SKL camera manual!

There are also Konvas, Kinor and lens manuals in our How-to Section - most of which were written by Doug Underdahl. (Note: These were donated to us by Patrick Steele of the former commiecam website. They are very informative, but some lack pictures.