[Konvas] 35OPF29-1 25-80mm T3.5 zoom for sale

Anders Banke anders at solidentertainment.se
Fri Sep 22 06:28:02 EDT 2017

For sale is a highly sought after LOMO EKRAN 35OPF29-1 25-80mm T3.4 (f3) zoom with Arri PL mount and 32 pitch geared rings.

Has no serial number or markings, when converted to 32 pitch follow focus rings a long time ago that part of the original focusing ring underneath was slightly thinned out, but it was made in 1990 by EKRAN (now ELITE) in St Petersburg. One of the best cine zoom lenses in this focal range. Lightweight (1kg!!!) and compact - VERY SHARP!

This lens covers Super 35 format, 5K on RED.
Focusing scale - from 1m to infinity.
Aperture scale - from 3.4 to 22.
Aperture, zoom and focusing controls are very smooth and soft.

The glass is in excellent condition front and rear. Virtually no dust. No fungus, coatings in very good condition.
Externally - normal signs of use.

Front cap and rear cap included.

This is one of my favourite zooms, and a dream for any Steadicam operator (however do not use cheap / too forceful focus motors, like many older lenses it was not made with remote focus in mind). On the very widest focal range end (25mm) the focus breathes a bit (roughly 5% of the image area from CF to infinity), but tighter than that (and particularly near the 80mm mark) there is virtually no breathing. I have three more of these babies (that I'm keeping), but I've realised I don't need four, hence the sale. Kit out with an 18mm and a 100mm and you can shoot a feature with this no problem.

This specific lens was used on 2nd and 3rd camera on action sequences on award winning, record breaking Russian TV series "Chernobyl - Exclusion Zone": https://vimeo.com/136021027
We shot that show on Arri Ultra Primes, and the zoom held up very well against them. In fact 2 whole scenes were shot using only this zoom as it hadn't fogged up like the Ultra Primes when we moved from a very cold exterior to a warm interior. No one can tell the difference look wise.

Email me for photos.

Looking for offers in the region of $4500 / €3800 + Shipping

The lens is located in Malmö, Sweden.

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