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 Actually, if some behavior becomes mainstream the hipsters abandon it.  "Fringe behavior" requires you to be on the fringe, and the hipster is fringe behavior, so if more than a small percentage of people behavior in that manner whatever it is you were doing you must cease doing, and do something outside the parameters of either it or any similar behavior.   There has been this fringe behavior set for all of recorded history, but-- to reduce the chatter-- we should look at the post WW2 creation of the Beatnik, how the music moved mainstream, then the Beat Generation took only a more extreme flavor of that music, then went "all natural" to produce the Hip Set, which, when it began to be accepted, became the Hippie Generation, and has continued to evolve to escape being mainstream. 

Most of the time we only see the most exhibitionist versions, the pullback and regroup inbetween groups not being tagged and flagged, so the average person sees the Beatnik and the Hippie, but he does not see the transitional Beat Generation morphing into the Hip Set that went 'all natural" because that was the only route away from the mainstream. 




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Yeah, except it is kind of mainstream now and mostly a conformist behavior, don't you think? Seems to me hipsterism is the gray flannel suit of the 21st century.

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> A "hipster" is someone who mimics or follows the latest trends, behaviors, or fashions outside the cultural mainstream.

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