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This is really interesting. The concept is quite clever, digital and film shot at the same time and the bonus of a fast turnaround. What worries me is that there is no money in it for Kodak except ofcourse film sales and processing. The purpose is to support film stock sales and associated products but introducing a new camera for a very limited market could be a financial disaster. Being a new  product will obviously appeal to film schools and the lower end of the market that of wannabe film makers. It does excite me, I must admit but viewing the camera has turned me off somewhat and for $500-700 you would think they would make it to look more business like rather than a plastic box with a lens stuck on. Kodak must be passing this out to a small production unit to manufacture hence the limited production runs. So they will have to buy in the components from China to make it feasible so there will not be any spares back up or maintenance back up.  It will have to be a throw away item if and when it stops working which may put some people off.  It's all down to that lens and what it can do. Test footage will determine sales.  Go Pro sold millions based on test footage in their marketing pitch.

But it is exciting though and I wish them all the luck in the world. Good to see something new on the market albeit only for a short working life!


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