[Konvas] Kinor / Konvas blowout

Kelley Cross kelleymailbox at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 22:08:52 EST 2017

Hi all,

First of all I want to thank everyone in the Konvas group. It’s been great learning, collecting gear, sharing ideas and concepts, and finding answers to all things cinema. Been a great ride and I’ve not nothing but great experiences here.

But alas, the last of the film gear must go. I’ve listed pretty much everything I have left on ebay. If you go the the site and do an advanced search, my handle is “greencross”. I’ve got a decent Kinor 35mm package and a Konvas 2M package as well; along with a smattering of lenses, filters and other Russian oddities. Still have a closet full of odds and ends. Please reach out if you are in need of something particular; I just might have it. 

Best to all,

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