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 The video is good, but the still images on the Nokia 1020 amaze me. 

I am wondering just where the art and business are heading--  no one seems to want to learn the art, and the business seems to be nonsense in spades.



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> I miss the days when I still owned lenses.  I had a pile of them, and that triggered a question:  Is Steven Morton still around and part of the group?  Last time I talked to him he was still at Monash, but I don't seem to have an email for him any longer. 
> <snip> And thinking of it triggers the question as to if Anders Banke is still around, too.
> <snip> Names I have not seen on the board in ages. 

Anders still receives email from the group. Not sure if he reads it or not though. I know he has been pretty busy otherwise, as we are friends on Facebook.

Steve also still receives email, but I don't know if he reads it or not. You can go into the list and find his email address and send him a message.

And since the thread mentioned lenses "as we think of them may cease to exist in the near future", let's talk about the iPhone 7 Plus. I have one and the portraits are pretty sweet. It's due to the phone having a dual camera system. Sine there's technology already out using multiple cameras, like the camera from https://light.co/ - I'd say it's not too far off. It will likely get to a point where the director can hit the button "on" and record everything, then have the editor choose what's in focus while looking at the footage in post...

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