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Maksim made a lens project ! like for the human glass how made some lens in
a resin he try to do the same
for anna less heavy. At 100$ to explore this for me  before i investing few
k$ it's not a bad idea.
contact Maxsim directely ? at
Максим Воронин <voronin.maxim at list.ru>

I never talk about the konvas list to him ! you clould if you like.

You have Isco lens but never find one with a 62mm screw in lens they are
normally a 1.5 compression
and with a 38mm screw in ( small lens) some in 42mm rare also

Here an other guy how made it with a projection lens from lomo or Russia a
lens you clould buy over 100$
but heavy very heavy


he did it from a lens projection like this :

This guy got few zoom foton including the front attachment.
I asking if ye considered to sell only the lens  scope attachment and he
d'ont !
 in 4 year i never find a front attachment from lomo at a decent price and
at a interesting
quality ? it's a front filter attachment of 62mm ? the 37mm to 140mm Foton
a very good zoom easy to convert to digital or PL.Mine i could switch from
ost 19 , PL, Panasonic gh2 it's the size of a 135mm prime for a srl film
photo camera.

The rear attachment for anamorphic are not ideal so i stay away of those...
The new one for the front are difficult to estimate because for those one
you have rarely a clip test ... and expensive if you buy and do not like
it... many new lens cant be returned.

Look the news stuff at  B&H in NY and Andora web site.

Let me know if you find something ?
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