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Hey Scott, Nick, Rob and all :0)

Yeah Soctt, I think I sold that 5008 (DOH!) while preparing for T2S back in 2011 (opens mouth, inserts foot). It's nice to hear that there is a super-8 with pin registration. (The Kodak and Logmar look identical.) Do these cams typically use a kind of side-to-side shutter or spinning disk? Gosh but it would be cool if one had an adjustable shutter angle. Maybe I missed the info in a previous thread reply... Got the Logmar docu up on Vimeo for a looksee. The Canon 814 has a 'variable shutter' whatever that means...

These are noisy little beasts at any rate! Will require a major blimp for sound work. Light enough to fly on a gimbal though! Or drone! Fascinating possibilities. But not for ~2500$!

Bolex made a S8 camera but it only goes to 36fps. And I think you need to wear shiny silver pants with a sweater tied around your neck and 'crocs' to be a totally legit operator of that one...

Any you'uns been looking at the super-8 digitizers? Some cool ones out there. Wonder if any of 'em will work with Resolve's capture mode.

Oh hey, HUGE question, one Scott will likely have some info on: Blair Witch Project, at the end, the 16CP camera drops to the floor and the film pull-down mis-aligns with the shutter causing a smeared image. Or maybe it's the film jumping out of the gate somehow? This is such a BADASS effect, does anyone know how they did it? In-camera, or post? The movie release was before any real digital effects were available to independent film producers so I'm inclined to guess they did it with a projector that would do the same on command and just captured the clip with a synchronized camera pointed at the screen; although, maybe it was just luck? The sound effects to go with it are extraordinary for selling the shot and completing the exceptionally scary climax of the film. Well, scary for me at least. I know you either love or hate that film.

Hope this email finds everyone well.

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> Oh, forgot to mention: There is a company (this'll appeal to your tactile sensibilities, B) that makes reloadable S8 cartridges and plenty of other cool stuff. I'm sure they've been mentioned here before, but I suppose a refresher couldn't hurt: http://www.wittner-kinotechnik.de/katalog/04_filmm/s8_meter.php
> In any case, the pressure plate is alleged to be vastly superior to Kodak's design and therefore, so it is said, the image is much more stable. You do have to buy film on cores and load it up. Have never used one myself but would love to try it. Maybe someone can speak to that. I'm betting someone here has used one. :)
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