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The Kodak camera has a c-mount on it, so lots of lens options. Not sure of the max speed on it but I do think they're all crystal. 

I thought you owned a Beaulieu 6008 or 7008? No? I think those are capable of 58fps or thereabouts. 

Pin registration? No, I don't think that was ever incorporated into a S8 camera, but am not positive. I'm unsure about your rotating shutter question too. I think most S8 cameras use a split beam finder. I'd be wary of any Super 8 camera that uses electronics to open/close the aperture or where the aperture is a part of the light meter; if the electronics go, so will the ability to change f-stops. This is why Beaulieu is popular among advanced S8 users - manual lenses just like in 16 and 35mm. The Kodak camera will feature an all manual lens of that type - any C-mount lens, in fact. 

You can certainly get S8 tape, rewinds, viewers, cleaning supplies, etc. Urbanski Film has the largest amount of such supplies that I'm aware of. 

Hope that helps. 


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