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Has anyone here ever come across this problem while scanning? It seems to pop up around ~2001 with early still frame scanners and I figured it was a solved problem; however, it seems to be alive and kicking! One of the claims in the forum I quoted is that for smaller film gauges you need a higher resolution scan... but that doesn't make sense. A certain scanner sensor pixel count per mm^2 that is high enough to get past aliasing should be a constant figure based on ISO (ASA) and not the physical dimensions of the celluloid or gate framing. 

For a given sensor, a 4K scan of 4-perf 35mm film is apples and oranges to a 4K scan of Super-8? In fact, with a fixed optical pathway, a 35mm size sensor will be 'windowed' to scan Super-8 and thus, with the same pixel density should render the same 'resolution'?

There again... does ISO scale with film gauge? I mean, is the emulsion the same between 35mm 200ISO and Super-8 200ISO? I always assumed 'yes' and think I remember folks mentioning it... but... idunno?

Perhaps I'm getting tangled up in different but intertwined issues.


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