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> The 16MM Workshop
> 15th of July 10am-7pm 
> This workshop will be of interest to 16mm newcomers and veterans alike.The Bolex H-16 Reflex and the Canon Scoopic 16M are iconic independent film-making 16mm cameras you will be getting to grips with on this day course. They have been chosen for their durability, versatility, affordability and perhaps most importantly their unique differences. The course covers everything from basic camera operations (such as loading film into the camera) to more advanced functions and features like slow motion, focusing lenses, manual exposure and double exposures. Participants will get to shoot with each camera for the first part of the workshop and we provide film for the day. 
> After the film has been shot you will learn how to load processing tanks, develop the emulsion and splice and dry the film stock. The image forming process will be explained thoroughly so by the end of the course you'll understand how light enters your cameras lens and creates an image on the film. We will also advise you on how to make your own home-built darkroom so you wont have to rent a space or rely on institutional support. After the films are dry they will be projected and viewed. We digitize the film shot on the day and participants will receive a digital copy of everything shot on the workshop within 4 weeks.
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