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 Do a quick search for "lead poisoning" and reconsider use of lead.

Yes, it kills, and frequently, so it is on the verge of being restricted.  

If you want to make a blimp or barney use cloth and a pillow filler material, just make a big pillow that covers the unit and extends below it, just the eyepiece and lens extend, and you can have a slit to slide your hand inside to run the controls.  

If you want a hard blimp stretch plastic over the camera and use foam insulation to make a shell.  The plastic lets you do one side then the other with a divider between them to allow them to be removed and reinstalled.  Done right you cannot hear a Konvas at one meter.

Just please, lead is deadly, and has been linked to senior dementia as well as children and mental impairment.

And yes, I work with lead a lot, and we now use captured air filtration, breathing hoods, rubber gloves, and still monitor the air for lead levels.  The stuff KILLS.



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Very interesting PS.

I didn't know it came so thin which is news to me. I have the thick stuff all over my roof and there is nothing better for water proofing and longevity but it is expensive. It is lovely to work with and when heated up it bends and shapes well. Never thought of making a barney with lead but it makes sense.  Great to melt and cast objects. I used to buy lead weights from my local fishing tackle shop and melt them down on the kitchen gas stove. Used to cast sculpture figures etc and paint them with bronze paint, cheating I know but looks as good as genuine bronze.

I have lots of garden pots made from lead and are over 100 years old and still look like new.


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I just find this about available sheet of lead.

I was looking for zinc for plating and i found this.

here the link

I presently working to a project where i build a small forge running on propane ( very portable size )

later i will made one running with charcoal for larger size .It's just a hobby project to made some parts for me ... i like doing ting DIY

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