[Konvas] want to PL ize my OCT19 lenses and possible REHOUSING ...

Luka S l.sanader at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 13:38:02 EST 2017

let me be smart pans and devils advocate,if i may? over the decades i have
had many Lomos  and i still have one set that i will keep as long as i
shoot, that said, i declare my self as a grate fan of this lenses. however
i never had strong enough argument to PL them. IMO older Konvas lenses are
mechanically not worth of such mod. investing 450 to 550 per PL machining
the allready super thin barrels that as is have ton of flex is not good
investment in my opinion. Kinor type is way better and easier to convert
over all it will cost you less and final will be way more solid. but still
you are looking at 50% of the lens price for PL conversion. is it worth? i
have OST-19 to E mount, OST-19 to Sony FZ and OST-19 to Red Epic and in
last 3 yers i have shot a lot with my Lomos, (around 70% of all the things)
and i never had any need to convert any of my 19 lenses OST-19 to PL.
Probably biggest mistake i made was that i didnt buy A-mount in a start and
have Alexsa/Res/F55 option on a one end and OST-19 among with all photo
glass on the other end. Allstar kit for alexsa Red and E with OST19 will
cost you around 1500USD and its best and most versatile mounting system on
the planet. Main problem i faced with Lomos in OST-19 was not new digital
cameras but rather 35mm. i couldnt use my Arri435 and i have a several
Konvases just for that. working with Konvas Viewfinder and 1000 small
issues, mag scratching's, leaks and stability issues can justify PL
conversion so one can shoot with Arriflex/Moviecams. also be aware that
even with PL conversion many Konvas and some Kinor lenses will still have
an mirror clearance issue. this issue is same for film reflex camera as for
Alexsa Studio. If i was you i would keep the Kinors as they are and get
Allstar A-mount.  one more reason is that you can keep switching your Lomos
on a constant search for better specimen. once you invest in PL conversion
then  you are stuck
just my 2c

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