[Konvas] want to PL ize my OCT19 lenses and possible REHOUSING ...

Olivier olivierauverlau at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 21:53:31 EST 2017

Hi friends, i am interested in find a god deal to mount in PL all my set of OCT19 lenses , 
and if price is good maybe rehouse Them in a nice Housing . 
any suggestion of who do it ? in USA ? or in East countries (prices ???) 

I have 18mm, 22,35,50 75,in OCT 19  from my KINOR 35H 2 perf ...
and similar set from my KONVAS 2M  
18mm,28mm,35mm,50mm 75mm 135mm 

so if you have any sample pictures to show or know do a good job at possible price … 
please inform me direct to olivierauverlau at gmail.com 

thank all , Olivier . 

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