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 All of you should know and remember that I had the best set of anamorphics around-- and I loved them.  I liked the LOMO front anamorphics best because they simply looked and felt warmer than anyone else.  Panavision was good, but I could own the LOMO, the Panatars, the Cooke anamorphic adapter with the Speed Panchro lenses, and the huge Wollensak front element designs.  

Unfortunately this looks like it was designed by an idiot and had a moron write the ad copy. 

The old 2:1 ratio was because the frame width minus the area reserved for the soundtrack gave us 2.4, and there is NO reserved area for the soundtrack on a video chip.  NONE.  That means that the waste discarding of a huge amount of the image, as shown by their cropping, well, that is an unforgivable loss of resolution on the video chip cameras.  It is a horrible lack of understanding how the system works, and might work for small display formatting, but the same ratio projected to a big screen suffers badly.  Very, very badly.

Then the narrator reads text that tells us the 2:1 ratio compression is better artistically and aesthetically.  When it is decompressed during projection you cannot tell what the compression ratio is, only the lppm or pixel count of the chip on which it was recoreded because too low a line pair per millimeter count or too few pixels mean loss of resolution.  Period.  And they CUT the resolution by compressing it too much, then throwing away a big chunk of data that otherwise would have improved the image quality. 

I miss the days when I still owned lenses.  I had a pile of them, and that triggered a question:  Is Steven Morton still around and part of the group?  Last time I talked to him he was still at Monash, but I don't seem to have an email for him any longer. 

One day I may figure out how my mind works.  Thinking of a 22mm square front LOMO apparently triggered a return to those good old days, and I wish Steven would comment if he is still around.

In fact, I had someone selling some of my gear for me and I had to make a sudden move, lost contact, and if he is reading the group I wondered if the last of the gear sold or if that square front 100-400mm LOMO lens was still around.  I like the front compression lenses more than the rear compression lenses, and while I only used it a half dozen times, mostly on completion bond gigs, I miss it.  And thinking of it triggers the question as to if Anders Banke is still around, too.

Names I have not seen on the board in ages. 



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Worth watching if you like Cooke glass.



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