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Canon 1014xl-s short zoom range? It's 10 to 1. I think 6.5mm on the short end. There was a wide angle attachment that took it out to about 4mm, if I recall correctly. I still have mine. Bought it new in about 1980 with the wide, tele and closeup attachments. Wonderful camera, with a good scan it could challenge 16mm when shooting Kodachrome 40. Alas, no more sound cartridges, the sound wasn't half bad for the time.
Bruce Taylor

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Canon changed gate types with the xl-s series. They are plastic. I have a 1014xl-s I bought with a poorly modified gate. There is a shim behind it which I still have. People ask stupid money for them and most don't sell because of the short zoom range. The 512xl-s is more popular. I'm not exactly sure if it will work but if it doesn't I can always resell it. It looks very similar.

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