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Luka S l.sanader at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 14:24:45 EDT 2017

Pierre for sure Mag plays a major role in Konvas operation. i didnt want to
say that it is irrelevant. also i didnt want to suggest that ANY mag can go
on OSTCAM but only one that have hole for the registration pin. what i
wanted to say is: if camera has that problem, and if ghosting starts to
appire form time to time, you cand change the mags (as long as they are for
OSTCAM) and there wil be no difference. also same mag on other OSTCAM will
perform 100%. therfore conclusion is that its Body and movement issue
rather then Mag.
Mag on Konvas and CM3 is a key to good operation and all problems i ever
had with Konvas ware always Mag related. to be fair Olex mag mod is grate
and i love my modified and serviced mags

2017-04-22 14:16 GMT-04:00 Pierre Samuel Rioux via Cinema <cinema at konvas.org

> Luka you said
> *Magazine has nothing to do with it when camera has this issue that is it.*
> Look the picture about the modification on the Mag.
> From my point of view over 40 frame sec the speed it's excessive and the
> camera should be lube and in perfect top shape to run at 50 frames sec.
> Look the picture carefully the small square ad are for the pin if the
> magazine it's not perfectly in place the pin could touch the edge and there
> you have problem with the stabilization.( camera became unbalance )
> Worse imagine if the assistant using a no modified magazine.
> I see the Ostcam got some parts ad to it on the opposite side ... maybe
> the easy way will be just changing all the mechanism with an other one from
> a 1m or a 2m but could be harder if they used a 8M body to made the Ostcam
> they are a little different.
> I have 13 X 200 ft magazine and I have 14 x 400 magazine and all of them
> are look like new when i buy it, the magazine care it's very important on
> the Cameflex CM 3 and the Konvas camera how using this type of magazine
> because a part of the film movement was made in the magazine.
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