[Konvas] To Brandon about OSTCAM in USA

Pierre Samuel Rioux psrioux at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 13:17:07 EDT 2017

He sell the zoom lens separately ! I notice no supports on the lens ?
The zoom 25 to 250 i all the time considered a good zoom but heavy for the
Konvas.( because it's long and unbalance the camera weight the 40 to 140
are the best for this camera),

This one was build in 1993 ? it's at the end of the Konvas making.
Mine used a control box for the TL time laps
with the update with the tobbins motor i presumed this one do not have an
extra control box.
On the side of the tachometer it's where you control variable speed 2 to 50
and the sync speed 24/25/30
If you looking for a stabilized pin and a PL mount.

You need to ad a square hold on any film gate to get a room for the pin
same for the magazine window gate easy to do ...
OSTCAM ( a modified KONVAS 2M )
on PL mount The items number on ebay it's 162475351535
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