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Brandon Esten bruinflight at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 19:10:10 EDT 2017

Hey all, happy belated Easter celebrations!

We were on the final push to finish post on our film 'A Tale of Two Sillies' last year which we shot in 2012 using Lomo anamorphics provided by Steve Morton, his son Tim pulled focus, and Scott from the list here worked his cinematography brilliance. Steve also gave us about 3000' of old 90's vintage Svema B/W which we used for a couple of cool shots, one with Larry Wilcox (AlphaCine did snip tests and main lab work). Mostly we shot 5222 and some T400 for night sequences. The cameras were SuperAmericas. I have a few Kinors in the garage, good cameras indeed!

The sound design and mixing has me at a standstill. It's frustrating, but I will chip away at it for the rest of this year. The edit is locked and I think it has good pacing.

In the meantime I've made a 20-page movie-related comic book with a pair of fantastic artists I met while working in India in 2015 to go with the film as a kind of program, and I've been shooting a pair of music videos to go along with the film (music from the soundtrack) with 50 and 80 square fronts Olex sourced when I was working in China in 2013. A bloke in the UK is working on some animation for one video based on the movie poster he made for us. We hope to enter them and the film itself into fests all around the world. I just saw Moscow is taking late submissions... gosh that would be cool. Next year. We'll also hit comic book conventions.

We have a pair of trailers on our YT channel (A Tale of Two Sillies) with several others ready to screen in indy theaters when we are ready to launch our theatrical campaign. You can see a rudimentary website I cobbed together at http://www.ET-Ent.com with links to other stuff. I also upload lens/camera tests occasionally on our other YT channel (E Tenebris Entertainment). Hit like and subscribe if it interests anyone!

We are in development of our latest script (same world as T2S) 'Poetry in Motion' which will require a few new techniques I'm learning about on the side including stunt coordination and car movement. I want to have a fluid, dynamic, moving camera so maybe an SL (or Compact) on an old 90's vintage SteadiCam rig? We will shoot the Lomos again. It's a gorgeous look, thanks to Scott and his gaffer John our B/W turned out the cat's meow! People to whom I show clips are usually quite impressed! 

Feather + cap = happy.

Anyhow, that's the rub. Not an enormous hive of activity, but not fallen off the planet either (yet). Hope to shoot some more 35mm this year... maybe S8 or 16 too?


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> On Apr 17, 2017, at 15:05, Adam Frey via Cinema <cinema at konvas.org> wrote:
> Hey Konvateers,
> How’s everyone doing this week?
> Anyone have anything new they are working on (other than Anders Banke)?
> Saw Kelley’s post about his film gear. If I was still running film, i’d be all over it!
> Something tells me Olivier is out of his office…
> I see Pierre is having some fun with a new anamorphic attachment.
> Rita’s post on the Super8 portal was interesting, although I’m not sure how it differs from youtube?
> Even though I don’t have much time to shoot right now, I've been thinking about shooting a few pieces for the farm brewery towards the end of the year (if all goes well). I’d like to shoot it in Super8, because it’s a fun format to play around with, but we’ll see.
> Well, I’ve gotta run. Hope everyone is doing well this week!
> Cheers, 
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