[Konvas] What's been happening in your neck of the woods?

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Mon Apr 17 17:26:24 EDT 2017

Happy Easter gang 
Its's going good in 2017 so far. I am about to finish a film after 9 months of work and am looking for new project. 3 out of 4 films I shoot in 2016/2017 ware on 35mm and I am still amazed that producers will still do it. Just picked up Kelley's Konvas, yes I know I need it as I need hole in my head but still...couldn't say no. Also my Lomo family increase for a new member, 25-80mm elite zoom. I always wanted one but stars ware not right. I just love it. 

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Hey Konvateers,
How’s everyone doing this week?

Anyone have anything new they are working on (other than Anders Banke)?

Saw Kelley’s post about his film gear. If I was still running film, i’d be all over it!
Something tells me Olivier is out of his office…
I see Pierre is having some fun with a new anamorphic attachment.
Rita’s post on the Super8 portal was interesting, although I’m not sure how it differs from youtube?

Even though I don’t have much time to shoot right now, I've been thinking about shooting a few pieces for the farm brewery towards the end of the year (if all goes well). I’d like to shoot it in Super8, because it’s a fun format to play around with, but we’ll see.

Well, I’ve gotta run. Hope everyone is doing well this week!


Adam Frey 
Frey's Brewing Company 
Mount Airy, MD


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