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Nicholas Kovats nkovats at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 08:59:28 EDT 2016

Congratulations, Brandon! The scanned b/w 35mm is virtually grainless.
How was this achieved?

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 7:30 AM, Brandon Esten via Cinema
<cinema at konvas.org> wrote:
> Well folks, it has been QUITE a journey.
> From a lazy daydream of making a movie in 1990, standing behind a 3ccd Sony
> at a community cable station, to ~2006 when I got my first Konvas and burned
> through 7 rolls of Kodak 5222 in San Pedro, CA, to 2012 when a skeleton
> crew/cast from around the world descended on Colorado Springs with a pair of
> MoviCams and set of Lomo anamorphics; from the shuttering of AlphaCine to
> the last gasp of my little white macbook; from a crummy job at a dumpy
> regional airline that barely paid the bills, to a contract flying job in
> China that nearly paid my maker, then to India and Japan and on back to a
> dumpy regional that again barely paid the bills; from the first edit of our
> feature film on scene 19 in 2013 (dubbed the Symphony scene) to the last
> little touchup edits here and there in 2016; it has been a journey!
> The places I've been, the people I've met and worked with creatively, Steve
> in Melbourne, Sravan in India, Roger in SoCal... Larry Wilcox, Ian Bagg, Jed
> the Fish and all of our great cast... What a journey!
> From dumpy hotels in the middle of China, meticulously sifting through
> ~80,000' of digitized footage in a dodgy room, to garage floors in New
> Mexico and couches in Los Angeles; put-put 3-wheel 'cars' in Chennai and
> dubious mass transit in St Louis... it has been, literally, a journey.
> While the part in my ongoing trek where 'A Tale of Two Sillies' has been a
> daily undertaking is coming to a close, the curtains are ready to rise on a
> new kind of journey in seek of audiences as far flung as I can reach. "On,
> on," as say the Hash House Harriers.
> So, without further ado and another bit of sappy reminiscing, I present to
> my Rusky gear compatriots at Konvas.org a film by hundreds, touched by minds
> from around our little globe:
> https://youtu.be/AeRWn2zlmdY
> http://m.imdb.com/title/tt2388629/
> https://m.facebook.com/2Sillies/?ref=bookmarks
> Support the cause as you see fit! Another Lomonaut, Konvateer, Svemande hits
> the street, hands waving, whistle squeeking, feet pounding. See ya at
> festivals and indie theaters! Watch this space, or space in general; because
> astronomy is the observation of stars and star-stuff, be it galactic
> hydrogen-based or earthly bio-carbon.
> Cheers!
> Brandon 'Ithica appears on the horizon' Esten
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