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Looks great, Brandon. Congratulations on a job well done! 

No question that an amazing cast was assembled. I hope to see big things from them in the future. 

Best of luck on your future endeavors. 


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Well folks, it has been QUITE a journey. 

>From a lazy daydream of making a movie in 1990, standing behind a 3ccd Sony at a community cable station, to ~2006 when I got my first Konvas and burned through 7 rolls of Kodak 5222 in San Pedro, CA, to 2012 when a skeleton crew/cast from around the world descended on Colorado Springs with a pair of MoviCams and set of Lomo anamorphics; from the shuttering of AlphaCine to the last gasp of my little white macbook; from a crummy job at a dumpy regional airline that barely paid the bills, to a contract flying job in China that nearly paid my maker, then to India and Japan and on back to a dumpy regional that again barely paid the bills; from the first edit of our feature film on scene 19 in 2013 (dubbed the Symphony scene) to the last little touchup edits here and there in 2016; it has been a journey! 

The places I've been, the people I've met and worked with creatively, Steve in Melbourne, Sravan in India, Roger in SoCal... Larry Wilcox, Ian Bagg, Jed the Fish and all of our great cast... What a journey! 

>From dumpy hotels in the middle of China, meticulously sifting through ~80,000' of digitized footage in a dodgy room, to garage floors in New Mexico and couches in Los Angeles; put-put 3-wheel 'cars' in Chennai and dubious mass transit in St Louis... it has been, literally, a journey. 

While the part in my ongoing trek where 'A Tale of Two Sillies' has been a daily undertaking is coming to a close, the curtains are ready to rise on a new kind of journey in seek of audiences as far flung as I can reach. "On, on," as say the Hash House Harriers. 

So, without further ado and another bit of sappy reminiscing, I present to my Rusky gear compatriots at Konvas.org a film by hundreds, touched by minds from around our little globe: 


Support the cause as you see fit! Another Lomonaut, Konvateer, Svemande hits the street, hands waving, whistle squeeking, feet pounding. See ya at festivals and indie theaters! Watch this space, or space in general; because astronomy is the observation of stars and star-stuff, be it galactic hydrogen-based or earthly bio-carbon. 

Brandon 'Ithica appears on the horizon' Esten 

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