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I remember change overs in the sixties, but by the early to mid 70's we had flat platter feeds without any switchover.  



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Well,I suppose it's an.endearing term used in the states since I can remember. We've all seen it sometime or another. There's a mark that resembles a cigarette burn so to speak on the upper right hand corner of the frame which signals the projectionist to switch projectors. It's accompanied by a click or popping sound. .What I had seen was a small oval in the same place in the frame. The film  shot really well and I'd give it a B rating. Relatively cheap film at 9 million. Grossed 22 million the first week here. I'm sure it made the producers very happy.  http://www.jacobsen.no/anders/blog/archives/2004/12/20/what_are_the_black_dots_you_see_every_20_min_at_the_cinema.html 

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