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Wish you lots of luck when you fly to Cuba.

Don't forget that nearly every country in the world will be sending their TV crews there to film the     
Demise of Castro and the events leading up to his funeral next Friday. It's going to be a busy time for hotels/restaurants etc who will charging the earth and TV networks are happy to pay the inflated prices for a "scoop". So be prepared to pay out money for interviews etc. This is a chance for the locals to make some money. Watch out for the "middle men fixers" that promise to arrange interviews and then default at the last monent. Shoot HDV all the way don't mix formats and make sure you get great sound that will compliment the images. Not sure which theme or style you are adopting but this is an historical moment and you will be at the heart of it.

My tip is to take plenty of money as money speaks in Cuba. Btw. Can you get me one of those classic cars, you know, one of those old 1950's cars that will soon be replaced by modern plastic pigs!

Have a great time and bring back stunning images. The editor will bring it to life.


> On 28 Nov 2016, at 20:07, Olivier via Cinema <cinema at konvas.org> wrote:
> Hi all friends , i go to CUBA tomorrow to begin the second generation of our trilogy about CUBA , 
> the first one is about the first generation 120 minutes  was filmed in 16mm, super 8, video 8 , dvcam and HDV … during years .. released in 2009 in 35mm copies 
>  , theses who make the revolution and why … 
> now with fidel death, we will take the next generation and all the complex themes … 
> to support the production we have place it at low price on Vimeo on demand in HD with english subtitles .. … 
> Please , i recommend you the film , and share the link … so we can continue filming … 
> this is one of the top20 of bests films in the history of IDFA 20 years of Amsterdam doc festival one of the most important documentary festival . 
> here the VOD link 
> https://vimeo.com/ondemand/cubautopia
> Thanks a lot, we will cross all the island to 
> BESTS, Olivier . 
> <fide low.jpg>
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