[Konvas] my feature doc on VOD ....CUBA .

Olivier olivierauverlau at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 15:07:54 EST 2016

Hi all friends , i go to CUBA tomorrow to begin the second generation of our trilogy about CUBA , 
the first one is about the first generation 120 minutes  was filmed in 16mm, super 8, video 8 , dvcam and HDV … during years .. released in 2009 in 35mm copies 
 , theses who make the revolution and why … 
now with fidel death, we will take the next generation and all the complex themes … 
to support the production we have place it at low price on Vimeo on demand in HD with english subtitles .. … 
Please , i recommend you the film , and share the link … so we can continue filming … 
this is one of the top20 of bests films in the history of IDFA 20 years of Amsterdam doc festival one of the most important documentary festival . 
here the VOD link 

Thanks a lot, we will cross all the island to 

BESTS, Olivier . 
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