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In the viewfinder you have also some mask ( many user remove them ) ?

In Montreal you have SEGÙIN at the visual departement of Concordia
how lube and I think he mark the glass for Marian Poska a member of this

seguin at alcor.concordia.ca try this email

Seguin also modified a 16mm bolex to a split ultra8 a king of 8mm hight x
16mm image look like cinemascope. He did this for Nicolas Kovats also a

Many user of the cameflex or the Eclair CM3 preferred to used a cinemascope
GATE they call it full gate the advantage this capture larger and you could
crop at the scan after.If you enlarge the cinemascope gate you get a super
35mm gate.

Raff supposed to made some but i did not know if he did it.
To load the magazine with film you have great film on this on u-tube some
made by OLEX.
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