[Konvas] Konvas 2M Groundglass setup??

Luka S l.sanader at gmail.com
Mon May 2 18:21:09 EDT 2016

Hello gang, i would like your input on this:

Presently i have "N" gate and what it appears to be standard GG with two
frames: 1.18 for "A" and 1.33 for "N" ... or... central frame is 1.33
(16mm) and top and bottom horizontal line are 1.18 (18.6 mm )open gate wile
verticals stay the same for 22.1mm with of the frame?

as i understand, GG on 2M (except rare late models) is a part of optical
path, and that its hard to remove to be re-marked and that real trouble
starts once you get it back in, as focus will be off and film out of focus.
this is really worrying me as i absolutely need 1.85 marker. i guess that
there is no way around this one.

my main question is what is the entire visible area of the GGlass? i am
asking this because i am trying to figure out if this can used as is for
S35 open gate 24.9mm wide. Looking at Olex's Photo of GG. its clear that
viewfinder sees more and probably entire left side of a full frame?


[image: Убаци слике 1]
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