[Konvas] Movie Camera Manuals, A to Z

Luka S l.sanader at gmail.com
Sun May 1 07:17:00 EDT 2016

Thank you folks, i really participate your help!
and specially manuals!!! Merci Pierre!!!

let me just properly introduce my self. My name is Luka Sanader, i am born
and raised in Serbia but last 10 years i am located in Montrela, Canada
where i work as a Director of Photography, working mainly in fiction
special effects and stop motion animation. I have just got a sweet deal on
2M and 17EP so i could say no. main reason for doing so is that i have a
lot of lomos all in OST-19. My lenses are all spherical, 10 Koncas
standards for 90's and CKBK and Ekrans. i have several mounts for Epic and
for E-mount and i am using them regularly. I started my film career in
film, i love film and i  fought for film all this years.  i have Arriflex
435 and Fries Mitchel 35R that i use regularly but i was not able to use my
Lomos out side of digital. I have to say that i am no stranger to 1M but i
didnt have contact with Konvas for more then 25 years.

My plan with this 2m is to upgrade magazines with Olex rollers,  upgrade
motor to Olex 1414 and eventually i would love to install Super35 gate and
get Olex to recenter my Viewfinder.  But for now Super35 ubgrade has to
wait. i will use it as it is, with "N" gate.  I have a small corpo to shoot
starting next month and i was planing to rent Arri 235 to be able to shoot
it as light as possible. now my plan is to use my new 2M and Lomos instead
and see afterwards.

thank you all for your help

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> Very handy if you are renovating old cameras.
> http://www.apecity.com/manuals/
> Rita
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