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Please contact me at wdcrosson at aol.com if you have a short viewfinder eyepiece that will fit a Kinor 35H (or N).

Thanks again,

 - David

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Hello All,
As I mentioned in my previous post, liquidating a grip of gear. I’ve got a link to pics of everything: http://www.motifstone.com/gear/
Included are a Kinor 35C complete with four mags (2-100 ft. and 2-400 ft.) long and short viewfinders, matte box, filter trays, rods, pistol grip, follow focus, lens support, dovetail, power supply, cases, and more.
I have a second Kinor that needs some attention. The prism in the top portion of the camera needs adjustment. Other than that, the camera runs fine mechanically. It comes with a long viewfinder, pistol grip, 1000 ft. mag and cases. 
Also have two Konvas rigs: one complete with mags, pistol grip, mags and support. The second unit is just the camera.
I’ve got 2 6x6 Matte Boxes by Samys. These are great rigs I had modified to work with the Kinors. They include all the focal mattes, lens trays, rods, supports, cases and more. Refer to the pics for visual details. 
I have a custom Sound Barney for the Konvas.
Also have 2 O’Connor 100 fluid heads; one with 150mm ball and one without.
Also have 2 pristine Schneider 6x6 ND filters (.6 & .3)
Also selling my Ronford standard and baby sticks for 150mm ball.
I have a Nagra 4.2 in excellent shape.
Also a Nagra 4L, also excellent, but needs a new pinch roller. The existing one has a crack in the rubber.
I have a Tascam DAT recorder
Also a Lomo 300mm OCT-19 lens in excellent shape.
I have various viewfinders and an anamorphic desqueezer for the Konvas along with some addition optical elements. 
Much more including batteries, color meter, film splicers, and on and on.
I’m going to list prices here for the film packages and the complete items. For the various bits and pieces, contact me and we’ll work something out. 
Thanks fellow Konvasers. I do hate to part with this gear, but a new direction mandates I switch gears as it were. 
Kinor 35C Packate: $2,200.00
Kinor 35: $800
Konvas #1 Package: $700
Konvas #2 Camera: $300
Samys 6x6 Matte Boxes: $500/ea
Konvas Sound Barney: $150
6x6 Schneider ND Filters: $100/ea
Ronford Standard Tripod: $700
Ronford Baby Tripod: $400
O’Connor 150mm fluid with ball: $300
O’Connor 150mm fluid w/w ball: $150
Nagra 4.2: $500
Nagra 4L: $300
Tascam DAT: $100
Lomo 300mm OCT-19: $600
Color Meter: $50
*** I’ll be adding to this list in the days and weeks to come. Please let me know if something you’re looking for is not on this list -- I might have it. 
Thanks again everyone,

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