[Konvas] Selling of my massive collection of 35mm film gear

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Thu Mar 10 10:10:01 EST 2016

 Be careful--  I had three 35C bodies, two of which used one finder, one of which used a different, larger diameter finder, and two 35H bodies, neither of which used a finder that fit the other or any of the 35C finders.  

For real life tripod or crane work the longer finder is better because you stay more upright during those sixteen hour "this is all the time we have this location shoots and we need both day and night footage or else" things that attack us in production, but if you want a short finder for the H be prepared to have it become a quest.



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From: David Crosson via Cinema <cinema at konvas.org>

Do you happen to have a spare short viewfinder for the Kinor?  I have a 35H (N) with a long finder but would like a short finder for it.  Thanks!

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From: Kelley Cross via Cinema <cinema at konvas.org>

Hey fellow Konvasers,
It’s time to part with my 35mm film rigs. Going to be post several pics in days to come, but wanted to give a head-up to my friends on the site. I’ve attached a pic of one of the two 35C Kinor’s I’ll be selling. Got three Konvas cameras as well, matte boxes, lens supports, follow focus, filters, and on and on. Also selling two Nagra recorders in pristine shape. I’ll have a full list this evening and pics to follow. 
(323) 580-1555

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