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        Welcome to the Reel Deal – your source for the latest motion picture film news.  
Films on film win top prizes at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
Kodak and Kickstarter join forces to support emerging filmmakers.
DP Larry Fong, ASC, AIC, goes to epic proportions for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Go inside indie feature Too Late with writer-director Dennis Hauck.
DP Roberto Schaefer, ASC, blends formats in Miles Ahead.
Join us for a new season of The Kodakery podcast with cinematographer Dean Cundey, ASC; documentarian Ken Burns; Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Buddy Squires; and the return of the Nitrate Film Festival.
Did you shoot on Kodak film? Share your filmmaking story with us. Films on Film Sweep 2016 Cannes Festival 

 Film is back! The outstanding artistry of shooting on real film became clear once again at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival with four of the top prizes and two La Semaine de la Critique awards presented to official selections shot on Kodak film. READ MORE  Kodak and Kickstarter join forces to support emerging filmmakers 

 Many of Hollywood’s most iconic directors shoot real film and Kodak steps up its commitment to supporting emerging talent with an exciting, new initiative with Kickstarter. READ MORE  Ready for a road trip? Let the Quest for the Golden Reel begin! 

 The Louisiana Film Prize awards the winning short a $50K top prize and now for projects shot on film you will also be eligible for the Golden Reel prize. The rules are simple: Shoot a 5-15 minute short in northwest Louisiana, and you have a chance to win $50,000 in cash and more prizes. You must register soon since the deadline to submit rough cut is July 14. READ MORE  Taking it to the Streets With Reel Film 

 When Batman’s clash with Superman hit the streets of Metropolis in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DP Larry Fong, ASC, AIC, knew it had to be a superhero battle of epic proportions. Go behind the scenes of this visually explosive, box office hit, caught on real film for the big screen. READ MORE  It’s Never Too Late for Real Film Artistry 

 Writer-director Dennis Hauck's latest feature, Too Late – a well-woven Los Angeles detective story, starring Academy Award-nominee John Hawkes – is a 35mm cinematic experience with epic takes lasting the length of a film reel ... No hidden cuts ... No crafty illusions. READ MORE  Blending Formats for Miles Davis' 'Fever Dream' in Miles Ahead 

 Get the inside scoop on mixing it up with Roberto Schaefer, ASC, AIC, who describes Miles Ahead, starring Don Cheadle, as "a fever dream, a wild ride that's a modal expression of the man’s spirit and creativity." READ MORE   Join us for an all-new season of The Kodakery podcast, where we uncover what goes on behind the camera to align creativity, science, vision and technology — and allow artistry and innovation to flourish. Listen in on conversations with Oscar-nominated and ASC Lifetime Achievement honoree, cinematographer Dean Cundey; Academy Award-nominated documentarian Ken Burns; Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Buddy Squires; and Deb Stoiber & Jared Case about the return of the Nitrate Film Festival at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, N.Y.   LISTEN Dean Cundey                                                        
 Ken Burns 
 Buddy Squires 
 Nitrate Film Festival 

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