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The MovieMaker magazine got a very good article

Film stock vision 5219 and Kodak manufactured it longer 1,800 feet to
accommodate the larger magazine it's corresponding to 16 minutes per take.
( 1,000 foot  just under 9 minutes in 70mm )
Longer take was to accommodate the long dialogue in the first part of the
Each theater take the film for a minimum of 2 week for the road show.
The film opened at 56,000$ per screen ( this is not the film copy price but
expense ) BTW If we think in 35mm just before the introduction of the
digital projection for the 35mm the expense attribution per screen was near
1,700 $ per screen to give you a better idea.

It's look like film bring back people to cinema, Theater how present the
70mm film
Hateful 8 saw box-office profits from opening weekend at five times the
theater's previous record...

*Other film will follow in this format:  but before Mark Magidson and Ron
Fricke should made a road show  again with Baraka and Samsara ! why not a
remix of the best of Baraka and Samsara ... to show what 70mm could do.

I like Kurt Russell acting but Samuel L.Jackson  made a great performance
again and deserve recognition.

( Tarantino and his team help to rebuild a lost infrastructure A++++ )
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