[Konvas] New old Lomo still lens

Bruce Taylor taylorcobmw at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 22 15:21:20 EST 2016

My experience follows Rita's. I have 35mm f2.8 (J-12), 50mm f2 (J-8), and 85mm f2 (J-9) in both Leica thread mount and Contax/Kiev mount. Every one of them is really good, and really cheap! Yes, the ergonomics are not great, and like all of these old Russian lenses the mechanical quality varies a lot. But they are very capable. 
The Contax/Kiev mount work great on either FSU (Kiev) or (Contax) German bodies. The LTM screw mount lenses don't focus quite right on Leicas, the focus calibration is slightly different for ltm FSU cameras. Of course if you're digital it doesn't make a bit of difference, I suspect the FSU lenses would look very nice at very low cost on a digicam.
$649 for the Lomo J-3 is price competitive with new rangefinder lenses from Voigtlander/Cosina. But you could probably get a nice J-8 attached to a working FED 2 camera for $50.

   I have a number of older Jupiters and they are a stunning lens. They are super sharp with plenty of contrast but a real pain to use. You cannot see the numbers on the barrel as it is polished alloy so the black version should be better providing they enlarge the numbers. But lovely lenses and you would not be disapointed. They are really cheap on Ebay.

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