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I hate the Jupiter era lenses-- and I feel they were junk.  

They do have contrast, but more contrast than you need because they do not handle all colors equally, the have color notching and are seldom as high as 180 line pairs per millimeter at 500:1 contrast of the black on white test target.  They are very much like the Leitz Summaron series, faster than the Elmar, but less detail and poorer color handling, and no place close to the Summicon that replaced it. 

Compare the Jupiter to Elmar or Elmarit lenses, and use fine grained transparency color film or a digital body with both over 24 megapixels AND high millions or low billions of colors.  Even the worst of the LOMO lenses outperform the Jupiter era still lenses.  They were made for cheapness and production schedules, and no chance they would be tested against a Planar. 

And, for portraits or "people pictures" the 50mm focal length works well for half frame 35mm or APS- C sensors, but not for larger film frames or sensors, an area where the 85 to 120mm focal length shines. 

Their demo pictures show that failure clearly, and the price says they are in it for a quick buck, not building a long term market.  

If you want to throw your money that way, fine, but good used Zeiss and Leitz glass on eBay will put this item to shame. 




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I have a number of older Jupiters and they are a stunning lens. They are super sharp with plenty of contrast but a real pain to use. You cannot see the numbers on the barrel as it is polished alloy so the black version should be better providing they enlarge the numbers. But lovely lenses and you would not be disapointed. They are really cheap on Ebay.


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Jupiter 3+ 50mm 1.5. Only 2 mounts but somewhat adaptable. Mostly for stills. Limited run.  http://www.diyphotography.net/lomography-unveils-the-jupiter-3-art-lens-an-update-on-a-soviet-classic/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Diyphotographynet+%28DIYPhotography.net+-+Photography+and+Studio+Lighting%29


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