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Speaking of plaques, the historic original location of the Mack Sennett Studios in beautiful Edendale, Los Angeles, is now unmarked. Years ago when I moved into the Echo Park district with my family I had no idea of the film history just a few blocks away. The original Mack Sennett and Keystone, Charlie Chaplin and Fox studios were all there at the beginning of the industry. There was a small plaque in a dirty courtyard at a freeway exit where a printing company stood for years. It was demolished a few years ago, along with the plaque, for high density housing to house the well-to-do hipsters that have inundated the neighborhood. 
Bruce Taylor

Warner Bros promised to put up a plaque on the new studios but unsure where? Hmmm!Understand James Stuart flew from here first before being stationed at RAF Weathersfield flying B17's completing 35 missions eventually being sent back to the US to train other pilots.
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